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Why have a Preventative Maintenance Contract?

Most gen set owners are aware of the need to maintain power generator equipment. A more important factor is how much maintenance is required and who will provide it. GENTEC of Blountville, TN settles the issue with a comprehensive Maintenance Contract available to local and long distance customers.

Essentially, a Maintenance Contract is a preferred supplier contract. Committing all maintenance services to one supplier on a long term basis secures certain benefits as a natural result.

One such benefit is the opportunity for a technician to build a relationship with the equipment. Just as a doctor familiar with a patient's history can better diagnose and treat a patient, so it is with a technician who develops a long term relationship with a group of engines. Generally, this arrangement leads to an earlier diagnosis of engine trouble as a regularly attending technician can spot changes in an engine's sound and performance. Most importantly, they not only recognize subtle differences that others would not, but have access to factory bulletins and field support not available to a typical maintenance mechanic.

Here are just a few benefits that may be included in a Maintenance Contract:

  • Fluid Testing: This is an inexpensive measure of readiness. It can include scheduled oil sampling, fuel testing, and/or bacterial analysis.
  • Load Bank Testing: Standby generators should be tested under full load, not just started and allowed to run, to assure readiness in the event of a power outage.
  • Scheduled Preventative Maintenance: Even generator sets that only operate a few hours a year require maintenance. The less a generator set is used the more likely it is to have a problem.

Most failures-to-start are the result of dirty cables and/or dead batteries which can be avoided with routine maintenance. Other common problems include rusted or clogged cooling systems, fuel contamination, bacterial growth in the water lines and battery terminal corrosion.

Considering the expense and importance of power generator equipment, the systematic assurance of a GENTEC Maintenance Contract is a good way to ensure the future of a gen set investment. It's a natural extension of the investment in the insurance of back-up power.